Estpolis Biography Liner Notes

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Track List:

Disc 1 - Estpolis Densetsu II Tracks
Original JapaneseTranslated Japanese English Title
1. Shinpan no TokiTime of JudgmentJudgment Day
2. MeidouRumblingMain Theme
3. TabidachiStart of JourneyEstpolis 1 Opening Motif
4.MachiTownTheme of Town
5. BinemuriLight SlumberGolden Slumber
6.DaichiThe EarthThe Earth
7. DoukutsuCaveTheme of Cave
8.Batoru #1Battle #1Battle Theme #1
10a. Shinario AitemuScenario ItemKey Treasure
10c.Sukiru AitemuSkill ItemSkill Item
11.YasuragiPeace of MindEnding Motif
12.MuraVillageTheme of Village
13.Batoru #2Battle #2Battle Theme #2
14.YogenshaThe ProphetThe Mystery Lady
15. ShiroCastleTheme of Castle
16. Tenka no DaitouThe Greatest Thieves in the WorldJiminy and Cominy
17. Keikyuu LabyrinthTheme of Labyrinth
18.Kapuseru MonsutaaCapsule MonsterMousse
20.TouTowerTheme of Tower
21.Tabi no TobiraDoor of JourneyGate of Journey
22.ShindenShrineTheme of Shrine
25.Saikyou no OtokoThe Strongest ManHidecka
26.WakarePartingThe Sorrow of Parting
27.Uedingu BeruWedding BellsWedding Ceremony
28. Shiki no AtoAfter the CeremonyRice Shower
29.HaruSpringIn Spring
30.NatsuSummerIn Summer
31. AkiFallIn Fall
32.FuyuWinterIn Winter
33.MinatomachiPort Town Theme of Port Town
34.Banjou no YamaTowering MountainTheme of Mons
35. SoukaiAzure OceanAzure Ocean
36.Muyuu no FueFlute of SleepwalkMysterious Tone
37.Rekusasu Shaia KenkyuushoRexas Shaia LabShaia Lab
38.DaishoubuBig GameBig Shot
39a. SurottoSlotOne-Hand Gambler
39b. Biggu GeemuBig GameThe Game
39c.Hitto!Hit!Got It

Disc 2 - Estpolis Densetsu II Tracks
Japanese OriginalJapanese TranslatedEnglish Title
1.Senjin no KaiteiThe Abysmal Depths of the OceanDeep Blue
2.Seiyaku Naru SekaiThe Quieting WorldThe Whole Silent World
3.Soukuu no Hikata niTo Those of the Azure SkiesOver the Sky
4.Konchuu no TenchiThe Lost WorldThe Land Nobody Knew
5.Fuuin no BourouWatchtowers of the SealThe Turret Forgotten
6.KokuutouThe Island in the VoidThe Fortress of Doom
7.Saigo KessenFinal Battle The Last Duel
8. Shi KamiFour GodsFour Master
9.Batoru #3Battle #3Battle Theme #3
11.Chijou no Sukuu SkaThe Savior of Those on EarthFor the Savior
12.Mirai eTo the FutureEnding
13.Purifia no HanaPulifia FlowersPulifia

Disc 2 - Estpolis Densetsu Tracks
Original JapaneseTranslated JapaneseEnglish Title
14.ShuppatsuDeparture Departure
15.Kokuutou Sen'ekiThe Battle of the Island in the VoidThe Memory of Last War
16.Saigo KessenLast BattleThe Last Duel
17.Tatakai no DaishouThe Spoils of WarHoly Victim
18.Kyuujuukyuunen Ato99 Years LaterMain Theme
19.MachiTownTheme of Town
20.ShoppinguShoppingBuoyant & Cheerful
21.Oyasumi NasaiGood NightSweet Dreams
22.Purifia no HanaPulifia FlowersPulifia
23.ShiroCastle Theme of Castle
24.DaichiThe EarthThe Earth
25.Batoru #1Battle #1Battle Theme #1
26. ShouriTriumphTriumph
27.MuraVillageTheme of Village
28.DoukutsuCaveTheme of Cave
29.Kyoufu no TsumeatoThe Ruins of DreadThe Ruins of Dread
30.Jaaku no HadouWave of EvilVicious Wind
31.Batoru #2Battle #2Battle Theme #2
32.MinatomachiPort TownTheme of Port Town
33.WakarePartingThe Sorrow of Parting
34.Shintenchi eTo a New WorldNew World
35.TouTowerTheme of Tower
36.Tabi no TobiraDoor of JourneyThe Gate for Journey
37.Raiiru Shaia KenkyuushoLairl Shaia LabLairl Lab
38.KaichuuIn the OceanBlue Field
39.Chinmoku no ShindenSilent ShrineQuiet Shrine
40.Chika no MiseUnderground MarketUnder Market
41.Kousen no ShouryouSpirits of HadesGame Over
42.Sora eTo the SkyTo the Sky
43.KokutouThe Island in the VoidThe Fortress of Doom
44.ShikyoushinFour Mad GodsFour Masters of Doom
45.Batoru #3Battle #3Battle Theme #3
46.Fiirudo MochiifuField MotifField Motif
47.Saikai. Soshite...A Reunion. And...Again and...
48.Tabi no OwariJourney's EndEnding


A battle once took place...
on an isle floating in the heavens called "The Island in the Void"
in a temple lorded over by four gods gone mad.
It is said that four heroes fought them.
What did those heroes see,
what did they hear in that place?
What is the truth concealed in the legends handed down throughout time?
Now, time turns back, and that which was legend shall become reality -
the true story hidden in The Island in the Void.
Now, as the adventure plays out once more,
must the events that lay before the heroes
lead to but one inevitable conclusion?

Estpolis II Character Information:

Maxim - With Faith in His Heart, He Sets out on His Journey
"I've been handy with a sword since I can remember; I'm going on a journey to understand why."
Race: Human
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 178 cm [about 5'10"]
Weight: 68 kg [about 150 lb.]
Maxim is a young man who works as a monster hunter in Elcid. One day, he meets in a cave a mysterious woman who tells him, "Your destiny is to travel and fight." Unsure whether to believe or doubt her, but unable to suppress his curiosity, he starts his journey.

Serena [Selan] - Parcelyte's Magic Swordswoman
"You haven't proven to me yet that I've misjudged you!"
Race: Human
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 167 cm [about 5'5"]
Weight: 50 kg [about 110 lb.]
Serena is a strong warrior who serves as the commander of the Parcelyte Royal Army, even though she's a woman. She does not respect men who are weak and not as strong-willed and skilled as herself. Though others see her as an independent woman, she really is a lonely person. Of course, she'd never let anyone know it...
Ordered by the king to find the Treasure Sword, she reluctantly joins forces with Maxim.

Guy - Gregarious and Cheerful, and His Skills Are First-Rate
"I'll make this a safe journey, no matter what evil forces lie ahead!"
Race: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 175 cm [about 5'9"]
Weight: 70 kg [about 154 lb.]
Guy is a swordsman in Tanbel. He boasts about his strength against the local monsters. He has a gregarious personality and tends not to worry about the little things, rushing headlong into any situation. But his congenial demeanor makes him good company wherever he goes.
He joins up with Maxim to stop a crisis that has arisen in Tanbel.

Arty ["Arty"? *hack* *HAAAAACK* ARTEA!!] - Nature-Loving Elf Warrior
"To protect what I believe in, I, too, will fight!"
Race: Elf
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm [about 5'7"]
Weight: 43 kg [about 95 lb.]
Arty is an elf who lives a quiet life in the town of Eserikto.
Though he avoids interacting with humans, he does team up with Maxim - first to stop a crisis at hand, then to defeat the Four Mad Gods [Sinistrals].

Tia - Has Loved Maxim More and More Since Childhood
"I got an unusual fish today! Wait a bit; I'll make us dinner!"
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 162 cm [about 5'4"]
Weight: 42 kg [about 93 lb.]
A girl who operates a weapons shop in the town of Elcid. She's known Maxim since childhood.
While she knows her way around weapons and can use magic, she takes more pride in her cooking than her fighting skills and really is content with being an ordinary girl.

Hidecka [Dekar] - Self-Proclaimed Strongest Man on Earth
"Not to brag, but my skills with the sword are immortal!"
Race: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 185 cm [about 6'1"]
Weight: 75 kg [about 165 lb.]
Hidecka is the strongest warrior in the service of the king of Bound Kingdom. His skills want for nothing, and after his sword swings by, no one is left standing.
With his supreme strength and manly physique, one would think that he'd be quite in demand with the local girls, but he's really so dumb that they don't want to have anything to do with him. [Hidecka should come to Montana. I know tons of girls for whom dumbness is no impediment in a relationship, be it their partner's or their own.]

Rexas Shaia [Lexis Shaia] - A Genius Who Devotes His Life to Inventions
"Leave it to me; I'll set your ship soaring in the skies!"
Race: Human
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 165 cm [about 5'5"]
Weight: 63 kg [about 139 lb.]
Rexas is the most brilliant scientist of the century, but the people of his time don't understand his research and consider him an oddball.
He meets Maxim and his companions in his cave and, impressed by the strength of their life energy, joins up with them on their quest.

Estpolis Scenario & Game Designer Masahide Miyata's Liner Notes

Game music. Game music in RPG's occupies a more influential position than game music of any other genre. The tense feeling in battle when the numbers registering damage pop up, the little characters walking back and forth, lined up one after the other, the electronic sounds and text that make the events so involving, the crawl of the staff credit roll during the ending - the power of music is instrumental in the impressions and emotions all of these instill. With music such a crucial element of the game, one would think that Shiono-shi [Yasunori Shiono, the Estpolis composer; "-shi" is roughly equivalent to "-san"] would receive detailed scene-by-scene notes...but such is not the case. Especially for this job - take a look at a portion of the "detailed notes":

Place song will be used: city / Tone of song: ordinary town
Place song will be used: village / Tone of song: village-like
Place song will be used: shrine / Tone of song: mysterious
Place song will be used: battle / Tone of song: up-tempo
Place song will be used: opening / Tone of song: grandiose-feeling
Place song will be used: ending / Tone of song: tear-jerking

This probably makes you ask, "Is this a joke?", but it's almost the exact text.

I thought that I didn't want my directions to interfere with the composer's own ideas, but it was hard for my staff not to think that I was shirking the duties of my job. It's certainly not common for all the notes and instructions for 60 whole songs to all fit on only one A4-sized sheet of paper. I still clearly remember what Shiono-shi said when I showed him the notes...

"These aren't production specifications, this's a program list!"

If the Estpolis Densetsu II music was created like this, how did the production of the game itself go?

Thanks to the terrific staff, it couldn't have gone better.

Composer Yasunori Shiono's Liner Notes

Hi, everyone - this's Yasunori Shiono, the sound guy. For all of you who have been waiting for the Estpolis series in CD form, here it is! I know it's made me extraordinarily happy... Hey, has everyone finished Estpolis I yet? (I would think that everyone who'd buy these CD's would've finished it, but...) The score for Estpolis I was my first for the Super Famicom; I was just starting out on the hardware when the game was in production, and Estpolis's were my first compositions for the platform.

Left with a clean slate to my own devices, I had quite a difficult time with mental blocks. I created music samples and sound effects the best I could within the limitations...but I was just hopelessly perplexed. What confused me so was Estpolis I's theme, which, as everyone who's played the game knows, is "love". Initially, when I began to compose the sound for Estpolis I, the theme called "love" was a difficult subject with which I was very unfamiliar. Everyone has their own, different ways of expressing "love" - "I love you", "I like you", etc. But I found that I couldn't express and address those sentiments myself through my music without incorporating that which were their opposites - sadness, suffering, anger - in my compositions. Well, anyhow, with my confusion out of the way, Estpolis Densetsu was released. And so you could say that the main focus of these CD's is on II, since I put the know-how I gained through Estpolis I to optimum use there, and so I believe that the Estpolis II compositions surpass that earlier work. Anyway, I hope you come away with a feeling of Estpolis's theme of "love" after listening.

Finally, to all who helped in the production of these CD's - Ohno-san [Yoshihiro Ohno, listed as the director of the CD project], Ando-san [Fuyuki Ando, listed as one of the producers], all the other staff members, all the Estpolis staff members, everyone who bought these CD's - I extend my sincere thanks - I present these CD's to you.

Estpolis, Lufia, and all assorted official paraphernalia are the property of Taito, Natsume, and/or Yasunori Shiono; this translation is an unofficial fan work and is not endorsed by or affiliated with any of the above. Please do not take any material from this site without explicit permission from the maintainer, R. Capowski. By the way - why couldn't they have stuck with "Jiminy and Cominy" as the names of the two crooks, instead of going to "Billy and Bart"? Jiminy and Cominy are just so...euphonious, in a hick sorta way. Oh, well - at least they made up for that by giving "Serena" a much cooler name. "Selan". If I were inclined to have children, and if I were inclined to like Selan, I'd name my kid "Selan". (Of course, neither circumstance is gonna come about anytime soon, if ever.) None of this, though, compensates for the unforgivable "Arty" debacle. No, sir.