Final Fantasy IV OSV Track List
Original JapaneseTranslated JapaneseEnglish Title
1.Pureryuudo PreludePrelude
2.Akai TsubasaRed WingsRed Wings
3.Baron OukokuKingdom BaronKingdom Baron
4.Ai no TeemuTheme of LoveTheme of Love
5.OopuninguOpening Prologue...
6.Machi no TeemuTown ThemeTheme of Town
7.Fainaru Fantajii IV Mein TeemuMain Theme of Final Fantasy IVMain Theme of Final Fantasy IV
8.Batoru 1Battle 1Fight 1
9. Shouri no FanfaareVictory FanfareFanfare
10.Debu Chokobo ToujouAppearance of Fat ChocoboHello! Big Chocobo!
12.DanjonDungeonInto the Darkness
13.Batoru 2Battle 2Fight 2
14.Bomu no YubiwaRing of BombRing of Bomb
15.Shoujo RidiaThe Girl RydiaRydia
16.Damushian ShoriCastle DamcyanCastle Damcyan
17.Kanashimi no TeemuTheme of SorrowCry in Sorrow
18.Girubaato no RyuutoGilbert's LuteMelody of Lute
19.Shiren no YamaThe Mountain of TrialMt. Ordeals
20.Fabuuru KokuCountry of FabulFabul
22.Giwaku no TeemuTheme of SuspicionSuspicion
23.Kuroi Katchuu GorubeezaBlack-Armored GolbezaGolbeza Clad in the Dark
24.Oyakata ShidoBoss CidHey, Cid!
25.Mishidia KokuCountry of MysidiaMystic Mysidia
26.Nagai MichinoriLong Way to GoLong Way to Go
27.Parom Porom no TeemuParom & Polom's ThemeParon & Polom
28.Gorubeeza no Shiten'ou no BatoruBattle with Golbeza's Four Emperors*The Dreadful Fight
29.HikuusenThe AirshipThe Airship
30.Toroia KokoCountry of TroiaTroian Beauty
31.Sanba de ChokoboSamba de ChocoboSamba de Chocobo!
32.Babu Iru no TouTower of Bab-ilTower of Bab-il
33.Ippou no GoroOn the Other SideSomewhere in the World...
34.Dowaafu no DaichiLand of DwarvesLand of Dwarves
35.Kingu Jiotto no ShiroKing Giott's CastleGiott, the Great King
36.Odoru Ningyou KarukoburiinaThe Dancing Dolls, CalcobreenaDancing Calcobreena
37.Zotto no TouTower of ZotTower of Zot
38.Genjuu no MachiTown of Fantastic BeastsIllusionary World
39.MadousenMagically-Propelled ShipThe Big Whale
40.Mou Hitotsu no TsukiAnother MoonAnother Moon
41.Tsuki no TamiThe LunariansThe Lunarians
42. Kyojin no DanjonDungeon of the GiantWithin the Giant
43.Saigo no TatakaiThe Final BattleThe Final Battle
44.Endingu TeemuEnding ThemeEpilogue

* - After a long debate, it appears that "emperor" was indeed the intended meaning here, even though they're using an unconventional combination of kanji for the word. I give up.

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