Phantasy Star III Toyo Ozaki Character Book Partial Translation

a.k.a. PSIII UNofficial Character Compendium,
PSIII Unofficial Settei Collection,
Fantashii Sutaa III HIkoushiki Karakutaa Setteishuu

Notes before we begin:

As you're probably aware, the PS3 character book is a kind of unofficial compendium for Phantasy Star III character designer Toyo Ozaki released in doujinshi format. It contains character sketches, background world-building info, and doujin comics. Oh, and crack. That's the most important constituent. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

The comics have been available in translated form for a long time at the Phantasy Star Cave. I don't *think* that the rest of the book has been previously translated. I believe I would've heard of some of the ideas in here otherwise. I am horribly out of the loop on everything, though, and could be wrong on that. Forgive me if I'm covering someone else's old ground; I don't mean to step on anyone's toes.

The doujinshi apparently went out of print in...2011, apparently? I failed to nab one for myself - almost two decades in print wasn't enough time for me, evidently - and am working from a scan. Certain scribbled notes on the character designs that compose the first part of the book, though, are illegible to me (and higher-resolution images might not even help, quite frankly). As a result, there're quite a few gaps in the note translations, particularly in the latter part of the character designs.

Ergo, format notes: Unreadable parts of the notes are marked with an [illegible]. Parts of the notes I can't read completely but can make a guess on are italicized - I think this's what it's saying, but I'm not sure. (This does not apply, however, to the world-building "EXTRA" section at the end, which contains no scribbled hadwritten notes and where italics are used for simple emphasis again.) Notes and asides from me, the translator, are in brackets, as always.

Name translations are as posted here, except we're now going with "Marina" instead of "Marlena" for reasons discussed here. I apologize for my usual bare-bones formatting. Translation by R. Capowski, 12/16/12,


-Phantasy Star 3-
UNofficial Character Settei Collection

back cover

[Headshots of five gen. 1 heroes.]

Hobby: flower fortunetelling
Likes: bathing
Dislikes: other people's stares
Comments: can do everything except blink and give birth

Hobby: wholesale slaughter
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Comments: runs on hydrogen power

Hobby: stamp collecting [Does Riik even have a postal service?]
Likes: lunchtime
Dislikes: tests and shots [as in injections]
Comments: (apparently) has an illegitimate older brother (198 cm tall [about 6'6"])

Hobby: shirking his official duties
Likes: hot chicks
Dislikes: the barber
Comments: has a record of trouble with the law

Hobby: raising Rappies
Likes: soft & fluffy things
Dislikes: lecherous men
Comments: has a father complex

pg. 3

[Picture of an angry Rappy being fed worms.]

dialogue: Do you eat these?
Do you?

PSIII ~Inheritors of Time~
UNofficial Character Settings Collection

pg. 4


This book is a DOUJINSHI.

It is based on my FAULTY MEMORY, my OWN IDEAS, my PRIVATE PREJUDICES, my PERSONAL INTERPRETATIONS, and other unreliable sources.

So don't take what it says seriously or something and ask Sega or whoever to talk about it or confirm its contents or anything. THEY'LL JUST GET MAD AND LAUGH AT YOU. So stop it [heart]

Toyonaka Ozaki

pg. 5

PS3 Unofficial Character Compendium


Serious-style genga by Ga [Masaki Segawa, Toyo Ozaki's husband, I believe]; manga-style settei by Toyonaka Ozaki

The illustrations really seesaw between two extremes; it looks like they'll be turning PS3's already topsy-turvy world even more upside-down. You might unexpectedly find here the reasons why we were never contacted by the [main Phantasy Star] Compendium.

pg. 6


[note near manga Kein] fairly [unintelligible - something very brief about drawing Kein]

Personal Data
178 cm [~5'10"]
60 kg [~132 lb.]
born 9/29
18 years old
hobby: stamp collecting
likes: lunchtime
dislikes: tests & shots
comments: (apparently) has an illegitimate older brother (198 cm tall [~6'6"])

pg. 7


[by Lyle's anime portrait]

  • hair is light green
  • eyes the same color
  • long hair; tall
  • cape is white cotton (has fluorescent whitening)
  • brooches are holding up his cape

    [by Lyle the dragon, still kind of half-human]

    [by Western-style Lyle]

    Personal Data
    180 cm [~5'11"]
    65 kg [~143 lb.]
    born 9/9
    20 years old
    hobby: shirking his official duties
    likes: hot chicks
    dislikes: the barber
    comments: has a record of trouble with the law

    pg. 8


    Personal Data
    165 cm [~5'5"]
    ? kg
    estimated 580 years old
    hobby: flower fortunetelling ["He loves me, he loves me not" etc.]
    likes: bathing
    dislikes: other people's stares
    comments: can do everything except blink and give birth

    pg. 9


    Personal Data
    165-178 cm [~5'5"-5'10"]
    ? kg
    estimated 800 years old
    hobby: wholesale slaughter
    likes: nothing
    dislikes: nothing
    comments: runs on hydrogen power

    pg. 10


    Personal Data
    153 cm [~5'0"]
    38 kg [~83 lb.???]
    born 11/29
    17 years old
    hobby: raising Rappies
    likes: soft & fluffy things
    dislikes: lecherous men
    comments: has a father complex

    pg. 11


    Personal Data
    160 cm [~5'3"]
    43 kg [~95 lb.]
    born 7/1
    16 years old
    likes: naps
    likes: sheer, filmy things
    dislikes: sports
    comments: has an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" attitude

    pg. 12


    Personal Data
    180 cm [~5'11"]
    60 kg [~132 lb.]
    born 11/10
    18 years old
    hobby: reading
    likes: antique musical instruments
    dislikes: alcohol and getting drunk
    comments: when he was eight, he sent a love letter to Mieu, but it was sent back to him with the spelling errors corrected, and he cried all night

    pg. 13


    Personal Data
    185 cm [~6'1"]
    66 kg [~146 lb.]
    born 5/8
    18 years old
    hobby: special practice for his special attacks
    likes: tough-looking monsters
    dislikes: weak-looking monsters
    comments: at the age of 10, was recognized as "Healthiest Child in the Entire Kingdom" [In WWII Japan, "Healthiest Child in Japan" contests were conducted to promote national eugenics policies, honoring children who best enbodied certain desired physiological standards. A discussion of this can be found starting on pg. 194 of this report, though you need to go back several pages for the context. This is bringing up troubling questions about the Orakians, so let's move on.]

    pg. 14


    Personal Data
    180 cm [~5'11"]
    60 kg [~132 lb.]
    born 3/30
    19 years old
    hobby: knife collecting
    likes: good-tasting sake
    dislikes: formal dresses
    comments: often mistaken for a man [I would think the "breasts like cannonballs" would dispel that notion.]

    pg. 15


    Personal Data
    155 cm [~5'1"]
    40 kg [~88 lb.]
    born 8/8
    15 years old
    hobby: knitting lace
    likes: yummy candy
    dislikes: cooking
    comments: when she gets hungry, she gets horribly grumpy

    pg. 16


    Personal Data
    190 cm [~6'3"]
    75 kg [~165 lb.]
    born 12/14
    24 years old
    hobby: picking fights with his subordinates
    likes: stuff that inspires nostalgia for the old days
    dislikes: fools
    comments: likes walking on cold floors in his bare feet

    pg. 17


    Personal Data
    160 cm [~5'3"]
    49 kg [~108 lb.]
    19 years old
    hobby: collecting accessories
    likes: her brother
    dislikes: low-class men
    comments: as many have guessed, has a real complex about her brother

    pg. 18


    Personal Data
    148 cm [~4'10"]
    36 kg [~79 lb. Incidentally, I did a search for height/weight charts, and most of them said that the lower bound of reasonable weights for a 4'10" woman was 100 lb. The lowest extreme I found was 90 lb. This book is making the FFIV character weights look reasonable.]
    born 4/1
    15 years old
    hobby: collecting cute undergarments
    likes: cooking
    dislikes: nagging old men
    comments: worried about her chubby legs [^!?!?!??!????!!!!!!]

    pg. 19


    [tiny note near portrait of Dan's shoulder]
    [illegible. Yeah, I know. Sorry.]

    [chibi Dan]

    Personal Data
    176 cm [~5'9"]
    63 kg [~139 lb.]
    born 8/22
    35 years old
    hobby: nineball (game)
    likes: old junk
    dislikes: stupid people
    comments: got the scar on his face from falling down the stairs at home

    pg. 20


    [arrow pointing to Luin] gives the impression that he's cosplaying as himself
    [by Luin seen from back] likes old armor etc.
    the stuff he's wearing he got from his dad (Lein)
    * headband is a mark of the house of Eshyr
    [on sword sheath] sword: [illegible] and heavy
    "smashes" enemies like a neighborhood punk
    [on front view] wearing a scarf the same color as his cape
    [on left knee] actually has his kneepads switched around (should be on his right leg)
    [illegible] shadows on clothing are [illegible] white to make them look like Lune's?

    Personal Data
    185 cm [~6'1"]
    67 kg [~148 lb.]
    born 2/22
    17 years old
    hobby: cosplaying as himself
    likes: weapons, armor
    dislikes: dungeons with see-through floors
    comments: proud of being tops at the swordsmanship meet

    pg. 22

    FUIN SA RIIK [Note: In the settei, Adan's Japanese name is spelled with a small "I", which would romanize as "Fin." That's less stupid, but it's "Fuin" in the game and "Fuin" which is consistent with the naming scheme for the main heroes, so we gotta go with that.]

    sword: light and long; designs & decorations etc. on it
    [arrow pointing to sword] at the waist, hanging from the belt
    gold leafing applied [It's some sort of gold decoartion applied directly to the sword or sheath itself; I don't know exactly what.]
    [front view] truly a soft and delicate man
    hates getting his clothes dirty
    black clothes; trim is grey; jewel is red
    boots are white

    Personal Data
    180 cm [~5'11"]
    68 kg [~150 lb.]
    born 11/6
    16 years old
    hobby: cleaning ears (other people's) [Note: Cleaning ears is in Japan considered an intimate activity between couples (or between a parent and child). No, I don't get it, either. This thread attempts to explain.]
    likes: cocoa
    dislikes: creatures with lots of legs
    comments: proud of being tops at gunjin shogi [a.k.a. basically Stratego, apparently]

    pg. 22

    NOIN SA RIIK [Note: His name is "Noin No Satera" in the game.]

    sword: on the short side (iainuki) [Iainuki is a move in iaidou, where the practitioner is continually, with smooth & controlled movements, taking the sword in and out of the scabbard instead of leaving it unsheathed, a technique that results in forceful, quick strikes. Noin's sword is probably meant to look like an iaitou, the shortish sword used in the art.]
    [arrow pointing to sword] like a shortish katana
    worn from his belt so the right hand [illegible]; in other words, he's left-handed
    tries to go straight for the heart, but almost always does little attacks with his fists and elbows
    [front view] cuts his own hair [He does *something* to his own hair. He does his own hair, let's put it that way.]
    has earrings in both ears similar to Lynn's (his mother's)
    [near left cuff] [illegible]
    [near boot] short legs
    [near foot] [illegible]
    black (brownish); trim is dark green; boots are black

    Personal Data
    178 cm [~5'10"]
    68 kg [~150 lb.]
    born 5/12
    18 years old
    hobby: fervently practicing his special attacks
    likes: fighting
    dislikes: dogs (one bit him on the rear long ago)
    comments: proud of being tops in speed bentou-eating

    pg. 23


    sword: slender and longish; like an image of strength is a secondary consideration
    there's a holder [or halter] for the sword attached to his belt
    has on occasion dropped his sword when [illegible]
    [front view] looks like his granddad (Lyle) due to atavistic genes
    [by mood spirit-things] dark
    jacket and shirt and gloves all same color
    generally green; cape is white

    Personal Data
    180 cm [~5'11"]
    69 kg [~152 lb.]
    born 5/27
    19 years old
    hobby: haiku from the heart
    likes: lukewarm baths
    dislikes: carrots
    comments: proud of being tops in mouthing off

    pg. 24


    Personal Data
    160 cm [~5'3"]
    44 kg [~97 lb.]
    born 1/7
    17 years old
    hobby: fashion
    likes: lace dresses
    dislikes: etiquette training
    comments: seems to have a leotard on underneath her skirt


    Personal Data
    160 cm [~5'3"]
    44 kg [~97 lb.]
    born 1/7
    17 years old
    hobby: martial arts
    likes: strength training
    dislikes: etiquette training
    comments: supposedly has a fated love [Bet it's Noin/Crys, considering how his bloodline has a habit of falling for the enemy.]

    pg. 25


    [note near pic of Fuin & Laia] big brother!

    Personal Data
    158 cm [~5'2"]
    40 kg [~88 lb.]
    born 11/6
    16 years old
    hobby: walking
    likes: white flowers
    dislikes: her father's moustache
    comments: has a complex now after not being able to draw the string on the Laia's Bow she inherited from her mother

    pg. 26


    pg. 27


    pg. 28


    The innkeeper married late at 21. I promise not to tell you that her husband is [illegible; sorry] in another world.
    The weapon shop guy is a failed grappler. *Naturally* having an affair with the innkeeper.
    The priest is said to use techniques among the Orakians and strong special [illegible] using ESP among the Laians.
    The girl who clears up poison isn't a nurse, just an amateur volunteer. She's unlicensed, of course.

    pg. 29


    The item-shop girl runs the item shop for her aging father. Don't [illegible] her, OK.
    The technique master is a scholar doing research into ESP. Says he's in his 30s but is actually in his late 40s.
    The pair who run the armor shop are a brother-sister team, running a family business. The little sister hates humans and doesn't show her face much. The brother, after opening his business, is supposedly also working at some kind of ill-defined "Agent" job. Some of his disreputable former acquaintances come by every now and again.

    pg. 30


    [on portrait] Miun's last memory of him

    pg. 31


    I [illegible] him for the doujin
    Never drawn him before until then--

    Oniichan! [Japanese for "big brother", kind of childlike]

    [young Rulakir & Orakio] "Douki no Sakura" - [illegible] in their officer training school days ["Douki no Sakura" is a Japanese military song that likens soldiers to cherry blossoms - ephemeral and destined to "fall beautifully for their nation"]

    pg. 32


    Personal Data
    date of manufacture unknown
    Hobby: wholesale slaughter
    Likes: Orakio
    Dislikes: Laia
    Comments: performancewise, is more obsessive than Searren

    [note on Siren] from outward appearances, doesn't look much different from Searren


    Personal Data
    date of manufacture unknown
    hobby: astrology
    likes: Orakio
    dislikes: Laia
    comments: personalitywise, more sentimental than Mieu

    [note on Miun] if I had to say, from a drawing perspective, she has a harder look about her in her [illegible] than Mieu

    pgs. 33-53

    PS3 Unofficial Character Compendium


    I basically left out the settei for the unused enemies. - Yuu

    [We'll just do these in one big batch. Enemy names for each page go down the left column and then start again for the right after the tildes.]

    [Pg. 34 is blank.]

    Dropstone enemies
    Oshishi enemies [Oshishi are the statues outside some Buddhist temples that look like Chinese lions, said to guard the places.]
    small fry [These birdlike enemies are "opening and closing their mouths" in their attack mode; the other notes are illegible.]
    small fry
    Living Hammer

    ghosts [These are the Emir-type enemies (to use the English names here).]
    cloth man
    skeleton enemies [Wraiths]

    Box Bee enemies [Doomflies]
    dog enemies [Nayls]
    small fry ~~~
    fairy enemies [Dryads]
    small fry [Eindons]
    small fry [possible Lizrds]

    hero spirit tree [Blueroots]
    fairy flower enemies [Irisas]
    lizard man [Hoplizes]

    rock face wall
    bat-wolf enemies [Lobowings]

    inner guard [the D-Elm-Lars etc. guys]
    Chaos Sorceror
    black priestess enemies [Fatimas]

    exoskeleton enemies [Mooses]
    dinosaur enemies [Lashers]
    dragon enemies [Drakes]

    oni enemies [Giants, with a 178-cm-tall "player" shown for height comparison]
    valkyrie enemies [Bushi]

    magic sword enemies [various "front"s and "back"s shown]
    flying jellyfish enemies
    foxfire enemies [Fires]
    small fry [Novas]
    goat old man [Goatmen]

    amazon enemies [Amazons]
    martial artist enemies [Catwomen]
    dark young nobleman enemies [Punishers]

    genies [Clopses]

    good design robo [Commsats]
    warrior robot enemies [Dogbots]
    female martial artist robo enemies [Fatales]

    Living Solder
    small fry
    small fry
    Okamochi-kun [Seekers; an okamochi is a handled box made out of wood.]
    small fry

    Forest of Sculpture robo enemies [Twistbots; this is a reference to the Hakone Open-Air Museum's outdoor display of large modern-art installations.]
    G Black robo enemies [Stickles; the name apparently refers to a character in the game Gotcha Force, though that appears to have been released long after PS3 or this doujin's publication]
    defense robo enemies [Stixes; "ball" on top labeled]
    "Koko Hore Wan Wan" robo enemies [Arachnes, with a "back" view labeled and the rest ilegible; the name means "Dig here! Bark bark!" and refers to either a '70's Japanese variety show or the old Japanese folk tale "Hanasaka Jiisan," neither with any immediately apparent relationship to robotic spiders.]

    49: small fry
    small fry [Lzrbots]

    The enemy names given here aren't the official names but rather personal nicknames and themed names based on the image they gave off at the time [of production].

    By the time they appeared on your screen, they had gone through considerable changes, so if you have time, check out and see what ended up as what. I don't have any sketches for any enemies that appeared in the game but who aren't represented here.

    The midbosses are covered in the Characters section.

    [Pgs. 50-51 are a splash image of Dark Force; pg. 52 is of Lyle & Kein posing heroically.]

    pg. 53


    '97 Yuu

    pg. 54



    [OK, before this section begins, let me issue a disclaimer that, like Dave Barry, I swear I am not making any of this up.]

    pgs. 55-57


    next: splash page
    right (from right to left): Laia, Lune
    left (from right to left): Orakio, Siren, Miun

    Luise isn't present on Laia's side because her brother Lune sent her into cold sleep before the fighting got too furious (supposedly). By the way, Lune is said to be descended from an ESP [sic] who long ago fought together with a girl who saved the world. In his hand is the Lune Slicer.
    Laia's crest represents a bird's feather. It is meant to evoke a mysterious image of her as a woman who descended from heaven.

    Orakio's crest, on the other hand, represents a gear.
    Siren is maneuvering his jointed parts and transforming in preparation for battle. Orakio's sword is a single-edged katana similar to Japanese swords with a curved blade, and the swords the Orakians use are much in this style.

    pg. 58-59


    While his kingdom was small and poor, Kein was brought up as a pampered young heir who lacked for nothing. [Note: It's not entirely clear if the text is saying Kein was poor or Riik was poor, though I suppose the former doesn't really make sense.] He has made swordsmanship his specialty, and he is a calm and pragmatic man able to make snap judgments in the heat of battle.
    Though he is said to be a descendant of Orakio, those wars took place 1,000 years ago and have half-faded into legend; to Kein, they're little more than fairy tales.
    He is usually quite industrious and always has his people's interests in mind (he is of course of Orakio's blood); Kein is a splendid heir to the throne of Riik.

    So why would he give in to passion and try to start a war over a Laian who came into and vanished from his presence like a mirage?

    Since Marina was sent to him by an evil will in the first place, one can only think that he since that time had already been going somewhat mad.

    So was his affection for her really genuine in the first place?

    [Note: The "usually quite industrious" part reads "tsune ni toki o mikiwame," "toki o mikiwameru" being a phrase meaning "to recognize the time" or "to keep good track of the time" or, in some instances, "to make good use of one's time." I figured that the above phrasing might tie in best to Kein's qualifications as a political leader, but I might be wrong on this. Maybe his subjects just like punctual leaders.]

    pgs. 60-61


    To Lyle, legends are little more than pipe dreams. At heart a man who hates to be tied down, he perhaps finds the Laian-Orakian conflict an annoyance more than anything - even though by birth he is destined to become a leader of one of the warring clans. No - perhaps that is the very reason why he makes such pretentions to being a free spirit and wanders about.

    But when his beloved cousin Marina disappears, he naturally seems to change his tune. Even worse, to think that she's going to marry some man he doesn't even know - an Orakian, at that!

    I'm just gonna go see for myself what kind of guy he is, thought Lyle - who certainly found his own actions a departure from his usual self. But even he, it seemed, had jumped to the conclusion that this would ruin everything.

    Ultimately, he ended up supporting both sides, Laians and Orakians - to which he could only give a "whatever."

    What a confusing man.

    pg. 62-63


    Ever since they met, it was obvious that they'd inevitably butt heads.
    It's quite inconceivable that Kein and Lyle would ever get along. They were absolutely always fighting over the most trivial things.

    When Kein chose Marina, the hard feelings on Lyle's side to some extent apparently softened, but the final battle seems to have actually cemented Kein's negative impression of Lyle.

    Even after Kein married into Cille and Ain was born, while King Kein was in Shusoran to negotiate with King Lyle, he would indeed tell his son:

    "Don't you go playing with that girl (Lann)!"

    pgs. 64-65


    It really is an impossible dilemma.

    Marina, the princess of the Phantasy Star world, who seems to be forever staring off into space and whose true emotions are so muted - and Lena, the lively, proactive girl who little by little becomes ever more obsessed.

    The cast of PS3 is composed of such extreme contrasts, like Kein and Lyle before.

    By the way, that's a Rappy Lena has dangling from that stick, but it seems to be food. Rumor has it that Rappies are good eatin'. (Boil 'em, bake 'em.) Plus, they can feed themselves by digging worms and stuff up out of the ground, so they're easy to raise.

    But they are monsters, after all, so you can't treat them like normal birds; like dinosaurs, they keep on growing until they die, so if you don't put an end to them while you still can, chances are the the Rappy will put an end to you. To avoid trouble, they're typically disposed of before they're able to use Grabuto.

    pg. 66-67

    [I would like to reiterate the Dave Barry warning at this point.]


    These two are a study in contrasts.
    Dark or Light? Hardness or Softness?

    Searren follows commands given from without, through his programming, while Mieu acts according to a programming that comes from within. And that's a difference, isn't it?

    They have a female form in common, but you don't really sense that about Searren, who perhaps was built with combat functionality in mind.
    Searren seems emotionless, but he does seem to have some feelings - he just doesn't admit them to himself. Is it because emotions are so often a liability in battle?

    Beneath her protectors, you wouldn't be able to tell Mieu apart from any other undressed woman. Bluntly speaking, she's a Sexdroid-type equipped to do everything except blink and give birth.
    The lack of blinking seems to be a simple programming oversight. (She can intentionally close her eyes.)

    [Along with everything else, goddamn you, Phantasy Star III, for making me type the word "sexdroid."
    Also, even PS3's characters have bugs.]

    pgs. 68-69


    In reality, he seems to have no true form.

    When he uses his abilities, the energy waves released give him the appearance of a dragon.

    But it's not as if he appears to assume a different shape from person to person. Lyle's battle cry - "I'm a dragon; a DRAAAAAAAGOOOOOON!!!" - demonstrates this: he assumes his desired shape through the power of his thoughts.

    One might conclude that he could just offhandedly think that "it'd sure be nice to be a bear today" and end up transforming into a bear. Of course, he could even become a wolf, or a tiger......

    Something tells me there was a game like that already, but for the record, it has nothing to do with what we're talking about here.

    pgs. 70-71


    When Kein chose Marina, Lena, her engagement null and void, returned to her home kingdom and married another man, with Lynn as the result. As opposed to her 150-cm [~5'0"] mother, Lynn is 180 cm [~5'11"] - as tall as Ain. (And even taller than Kein!) One imagines her father must have been tall. So who was her father, anyway?

    Rumor has it that he was none other than Kein's older brother. It is said that the younger brother stole the right of succession from the elder - because the elder, perhaps, was not the son of the king's wife but instead an illegitimate child.

    When the legitimate son abandoned his kingdom, cancelling his engagement to the princess of the neighboring land, Kein's father (Saiki Sa Riik) made a difficult decision to preserve good relations with his neighbor.
    Until now, to keep up appearances, the son had probably been raised in a dungeon. (Saiki seems to have a fondness for throwing his sons in jail.) Since that dungeon was most probably Riik's prison, perhaps Lena, when she came to rescue Kein, encountered a certain tall and unfortunate man there.

    A fallen father and a mother who was jilted by her fiance - no wonder Lynn has such a violent temperament. It is also in a dungeon, then, that she chooses to confront Ain - Kein's son and the symbol of all her resentments. It is there that she wishes to make her feelings known and settle her grudges once and for all.

    pgs. 72-73


    Lynn and Lann relaxing in the bath. The bath was created by Searren, but we'll save the details for later.
    They apparently won't take all their clothes off because they always have to be ready for battle. Plus, they can do their laundry at the same time, so it's killing two birds with one stone. From what little we can see of Lynn's underwear, they appear to be fundoshi [a type of Japanese male underwear; what sumo wrestlers wear].

    As Lyle's daughter, Lann was brought up to be a superprincess, all butterflies and flowers. Even though Lann is 15 years old and looks up to her childhood friend Ain as her 3-years-older big brother, she gives the impression of being much younger.
    Her underwear consists of a tank top and frilly undies. [This is not essential information.] Conbined with her miniskirt, Ain must've had problems keeping his eyes where they should have been.

    These two strike another intentional contrast. Lynn can't help but worry about Lann, who seems so helpless - and Lann can't help but love Lynn, who's so strong and bold. (Girls this age are dazzled by their own sex even earlier than boys are.) She looks at Ain and Lynn and thinks that she'd like nothing better than if they got together and became her big brother and big sister.

    By the way, they're not actually boiling that Rappy in the bath with them.

    [Note: The crucial verb in the "Girls this age" sentence, "akogareru," can mean either "interested in romantically" or "looking up to in kind of a starstruck, fanboy/girl way" when its object is a person. Though it's a bit more awkward, I chose "dazzled" over "interested in" here because it's the "fangirl" meaning they're using here in a literal sense, though they are obviously working a certain subtext.]

    pgs. 74-75


    Probably the most sheltered princess in the PS3 world. She has a complex about her brother that screams, "Anything for my brother; he's #1!"

    Though Luise should have her own memory of the Laia-Orakio War, she was put into cold sleep by her worried brother early on and knows absolutely nothing of its details. That's how she ended up strolling blithely around the outside world and was eventually captured by those who thought poorly of her clan.
    Moreover, although she went right back to her brother immediately after being rescued by Lein, even if when it was all over she were told, "But, you know, I really wanted you...", she'd be conflicted.

    If Lein chose her for his bride, was it because he longed for a life on a satellite? Or was it because Lune just told him "if you refuse, I'll kill you" and aimed his slicer at his neck?

    pgs. 76-77


    How did these two meet?

    A little bird has it that it happened when Orakio tended to a Laia who had been wounded in battle.
    It was then that they realized that there was something wrong with this war.

    And within that legend lies another legend...

    ...Together, they stood against Dark Force and sealed it away. It should have been their victory.
    However, knowing that it would revive again in 1,000 years, they sent their still-young "daughter" to the future through cold sleep and entrusted their hopes to her...

    [Note: As modeled above, there are the Japanese equivalent of quotes around the word "daughter" in the text. Sometimes these quotes are used in Japanese simply for emphasis on an unfamiliar concept or newly-broached idea, but I'm including them for the sake of transparency here.]

    pgs. 78-79


    Orakio's twin older brother.

    They may be only fraternal twins, but the brothers are indeed of one blood.

    No detailed stories remain about him. All he will leave behind is what will happen now.

    pgs. 80-81


    The sword at his side is not the famed Black Sword but just a shortened ceremonial military sword used in the review of troops. Was he an army civilian before the war?

    We can only imagine what kind of man he was. Moreover, we have no idea how much of what legend tells us about him after he became a hero is even true.

    But from the tales that remain of him, both the Orakians and the Laians agree on one point:

    "He was a kind-hearted man who hated killing."

    pgs. 82-83


    She cradles the scabbard for Orakio's black sword that he entrusted to her. Miun believes that Orakio will return one day to sheathe it once again.

    When the scabbard began to fall apart, so mentally did she...

    [pgs. 84-87: Full-length sketches of the 3rd gen heroes with their U.S. names.]

    pgs. 88-89


    A schematic of Searren front and back. Though it has a female form, it is not a female type. It just happened to settle into this form for maximum joint flexibility.

    Since the dome where Searren lived was a desert world, one might worry that sand might get in his joints and such, but his dust- and waterproofing is flawless, so unless there's a really special substance at work, he runs into little if any trouble.

    One wouldn't think a combat-type would need hair, but it's not merely decorative. It's actually a bundle of sensor cords through which Searren can sense temperature, humidity, pressure, and odors - which makes sense, considering that he managed the weather control system.

    Incidentally, there's a mysterious switch in the middle of Searren's back marked "Don't Press". No one knows what will happen if it is pressed. (Some rumors have it that it will either make the unit run amok, explode, or laugh. Considering Orakio, though, "laugh" is the most likely outcome.)

    Whoever walks behind Searren in the party has to have pretty strong self-control.

    [Question: Would this make Searren the first, or one of the first, trans party members in RPGs?]

    pgs. 90-91


    The Searren-type has three upgrades available through the installation of three different sets of parts (sold separately).

    One thing we'd like to point out here is that Searren's body is supposedly made out of a morphable metal. Think about the crazy group transformations from Getter Robo or something, and you get the idea...

    pgs. 92-93


    You know, Searren has another, secret set of parts - those known as the Shower Parts.

    As you can see from the illustration, the parts include shower nozzles and whatnot. The soap included in the set is even additive-free and formulated for delicate skin - these parts are said to be truly a relaxation dream come true.

    Since Mieu has metabolic functions just like a human, she likes baths and isn't satisfied if she doesn't go in once a day.

    The woman whose hair Mieu is shampooing is Lena. Her bust is surprisingly large, isn't it? [Oh, Lordy.]

    The Rappy with all the bubbles on it isn't being washed; it's being used as a sponge. It truly is a multipurpose monster.

    [Label on illustration: "Shower Parts, Part 1"]

    pgs. 94-95


    On the right-hand side of the illustration, you can see the pump that brings the water up from underground. The water is heated through Searren's body parts.
    This is just another demonstration of the great advantages of Searren's morphable body.

    On the left side, Searren holds the Miracle Hammer. It is used primarily to keep Peeping Toms and other parties inclined to misbehavior in line. Not even the strongest and greatest warrior - not Searren's own master, of the bloodline of Orakio himself - can overcome it.

    That's the Miracle.

    [Label on illustration: "Shower Parts, Part 2"]

    pgs. 96-97


    There are three nozzles, and hangers are also included. No need to worry about modesty - there's also a magic band that can hold a shower curtain.

    It really isn't made for use in battle, so you have to take proper precautions against any sudden monster attacks.
    Even the trusty Miracle Hammer has a limited range. When using the parts, you should choose a site to use the parts that would be amenable to this type of situation, but still.

    The graphics that come up when it's used are sumptuous - multi-screen, vertical scrolling...

    [Label on illustration: "Shower Parts, Part 3"]

    pgs. 98-99


    You know, o patient one, there's a way you can get the Shower Parts in-game. But to do so, you must:


    But if your cartridge hasn't been manufactured in the last five years, then it'll apparently just automatically delete your save data instead.
    It seems they couldn't port this when the CD version was released. But those of you who want to see Mieu & Lena & Lyle's shower scenes might as well give it a try anyhow.


    Like that.

    Happy hunting.

    [Label on illustration: "Shower Parts, Part 4"]

    pg. 100

    [Laia and Orakio cosplay as San and Ashitaka]
    going together to seal away the Shishigami

    PS3 - Inheritors of Time: Phantasy Star 3
    UNofficial Character Compendium

    [And then on to the comics.]

    Translation by R. Capowski, 12/16/12. Phantasy Star is the property of Sega, though don't go asking them about this, because they'll just get mad and laugh at you, etc.