Silver Star Fan Book Doujinshi Japanese Lunar Fan Survey

The following survey was published in the 1998 Silver Star Fan Book Japanese doujinshi anthology, produced by Mihana Oz's GARDEN GARDEN doujin circle. The survey covers Japanese fan opinions on Lunar: Silver Star Story; a translation of the survey Garden Garden conducted on the sequel is available here.
Notes in brackets are from me, the translator. This version of the translation uses the English names; it is based on the original version of the document, which uses the Japanese names.

Thanks to all 109 respondents who took the time to help us out. (heart)


Collected: March-August 1998
# of Respondents: 109

Responses to the survey were collected in response to postings over the internet and on Mr. Yamaguchi's homepage.
To Mr. Yamaguchi from LUNATIC NETWORK; K, who wasn't a fan but still helped tabulate the votes; and all 108 [sic] respondents who took the time to answer the survey - I offer my sincere thanks!
This is the first time we've done a survey, so I'm sure there's plenty of room for improvement, but we had lots of fun. Thanks to everyone!


1. How old are you?

1. 15 or under
2. 16-19
3. 20-24
4. 25-29
5. 30 or over

2. State your gender.

1. male
2. female
3. other

15 or under6511
30 or up11

For men, 20-24 is the largest group; for women, it's 16-19.
Typical, I guess. (It'd be nice if the spread were a little wider! ::heart::)
There were more women than I expected; I was a little surprised by that. I thought it'd be like a 7:3 ratio... It makes me kinda glad! ::heart::
-------BUT. I put in "other" just as a joke. And I can't believe...I can't believe. That there were really, really people who chose... And two of 'em! ::sweatdrop:: Who does that?! You people make me WORRY. ::sweatdrop:: (<-That's rude. ::sweatdrop:: Sorry! ::sweatdrop::)
::beams:: ...But anyhow! I never thought we'd get 109 responses. I guessed we'd get 50 at the most... ::sweatdrop::

3. Which versions have you played?

1. Sega CD
2. Sega Saturn
4. Playstation

A. Have played:
Sega CD419252
Sega Saturn5538295

B. Favorite version:
Sega CD226230
Sega Saturn242953

A lot of the men in particular have them all. Almost everyone has the Saturn version (naturally, I guess ::sweatdrop::). ::beams:: Of course, there were about 10 people who had only the PlayStation version! ::heart:: The move was quite frankly a shock, but I'm glad it made a number of new fans. ::heart::
Regarding the "favorite version" issue, there seems to be a strong emotional attachment to the very first version you played; a lot of the people who have the Sega CD version are all "Sega CD or bust!!". But a lot of the female fans don't have the Sega CD version, so Saturn's the overwhelming choice for them! Also, not many people own a lot of consoles. (Particularly the women?)

4. Who is your favorite character? Choose one.

1. Alex (18 votes)
2. Ghaleon (15 votes)
3. Nall (13 votes)

[captions on illustration]
ALEX (flustered): .........
GHALEON (surrounded by fairies): ...Aren't you going to say something? (After your vaunted first-place win...)
CAPTIONS NEAR NALL: tied with Kyle
(...What?? No love for the women!?!?)






Dyne (Laike)628
Admiral Mel22
Blue Dragon22
Alex's mother11
Gorgon Ghidrah/Little Gon 11
White Dragon Quark11
the Grindery11
invalid vote*11

* - "Invalid vote" means no response, an unclear response, or a character who wasn't in Lunar 1.

Dyne & Laike's votes were divided between their Sega CD versions and their remake versions; I ended up combining their votes here. I understand it's a small thing to mention, but please bear with me. ^_^ ::sweatdrop:: It would've been awful to make such fine distinctions...
Anyhow, the hero had a really strong showing!! I guess everyone really identified with him??
What surprised me was how popular Ghaleon was with the males. And how there weren't as many votes for Ghaleon among the females as I thought. Just the opposite of what I expected. Figures...
By the way..."the Grindery" is a character...? ::sweatdrop:: And "Alex's mother"...

5. Who's your favorite male character? Choose one.

1. Alex (35 votes)
2. Kyle (23 votes)
3. Ghaleon (20 votes)

[captions on illustration]
ALEX: .....
KYLE: (Just so long as I'm popular with the ladies...)
GHALEON: .........
(It makes no difference to me...)
CAPTION ON NASH: 5th place!
Nash: (NO WAY...)




Dyne (Laike)72110
Admiral Mel22
Blue Dragon*11
invalid vote112

* - [Note: Isn't the Blue Dragon female in SSS?]

An overwhelming win for the hero!! Right? I guess a lot of people really took to his positive, proactive attitude!! ::heart:: I really love him too - Alex!! I really identified with you!! ::heart::
[Note: WHAT "positive, proactive attitude"?! He DOESN'T TALK!!]
Kyle did pretty well for himself too, huh?! ::beams:: #1 with the ladies!! I agree-- ::heart:: (<- Cut it out ::sweatdrop::)
Even so...Ghaleon is really popular with the men, huhhh. I thought he'd be an overwhelming #1 with the girls, but that didn't happen. I'm shocked. ...But. Almost everyone called him "Ghaleon-sama." ...I know how you feel. I know it all too well! He's just so cool! (lol)
Dyne was also pretty popular. "Dyne (moustache)"... Guess you guys like moustaches. "Moustache"...
Nash isn't very popular with the men, I see. Perhaps that goes without saying. Of course, him being a "traitor" probably was a stumbling block... I see that some of the women took a liking to him, thinking that "there's a humanity to him, and he's devoted", but... Anyhow, it must be REALLY frustrating for Ghaleon to lose out in votes to Alex and Kyle! ::beams:: ::sweatdrop:: Hang in there, Nash!!

[Note: The U.S. Lunar fandom has its issues - extraordinarily creative interpretation of certain TSS plot points, for instance - but the judgment of history is firmly on our side on this one.
While we're in a parenthetical note, a couple observations about these results: 1) This isn't the only property I can recall which shows this odd dichotomy: where in U.S., it's the brooding character with the tragic past who has the significant female following, whereas in Japan, it's the brash playboy. (For example, the
otome game franchise Angelique, which was a license for Koei to print money for many years, has a similar regional split with the Clavis & Oscar characters.) Your essay as to how this might be considered in part a reaction to male behavior norms in these nations' respective cultures is due on Monday. 2) It's consistent across both the SSS & EB polls that Ghaleon has a significant male following in Japan specifically due to the nature of his demise(s): because he died for his beliefs and had what was considered to be a "cool" death. This seems strongly cultural. (See the comments about Ghaleon's death was "a man's death" and how he is admired "as a man" (not that way) in the "A Few Words to Ghaleon" section below.)]

6. Who's your favorite female character? Choose one.

1. Luna (the heroine's special (?), so she gets 43 votes)
2. Jessica (32 votes)
3. Mia (21 votes)

[captions on illustration]
LUNA: Thank you! (heart)
CAPTION ON JESSICA: #1 with the ladies
MIA: ?
CAPTION ON MIA: ::smile smile::




Alex's mother11
The girl who sings at the bar11
invalid vote213

A strong showing from the heroine! ::heart:: I guess that's why you all identified with Alex, huh?
I myself was really taken by Luna singing on the boat! :D ::blush::
The one who didn't get as many votes as I thought she would was Mia! She has some crazy (?) enthusiastic fans...
Jessica really got a lot of votes from women. The most of any character! Maybe because she comes across as being like themselves? That sort of character. Maybe that's why. I'm realllly jealous of her, being told by Kyle, "I'll protect you." ::heart:: (<- Knock it off already!!)
However... This really went overwhelmingly to the three main female characters, didn't it... ::sweatdrop:: Isn't there anyone out there who likes Royce or Lemia?? ...Maybe not above everyone else, though... That's gotta be it. ::sweatdrop::
...Even so..."the girl who sings at the bar"... And "Alex's mother"... That's a deep cut. Wha?

7. Which character do you hate the most? Choose one.

1. No one (62 votes - overwhelmingly!!)
2. Nash (13 votes)
3. Royce (10 votes)

[captions on illustration]
NALL (representing "no one"): Uh-huh, uh-huh! I knew it!
ROYCE: HMPH! (But then I *am* a villain!)

males one32

females one29
2.Magic Emperor Ghaleon5

overall one62

no one3229162
Magic Emperor Ghaleon459
fake medicine seller11
Fluffy Bug11
the Three Witches11
that gross enemy that looks like a flower11
invalid vote11

Just like I planned when I posed this question, the answer was overwhelmingly "no one"!!! ::hearts:: (I had faith in you, everyone!!)
And I felt that the others were like, "well, if I had to choose..." Like, "this person was too tough in battle." It seems like there weren't many people who really hated someone from the bottom of their hearts. That's our LUNAR!!
A lot of people felt compelled to put "Magic Emperor" on their choice of Ghaleon, so I added it, too.
...But the real worst of the bunch is Nash. I never expected to feel sorry for him... ::sweatdrop::

8. Who's your favorite couple? Choose one.

1. Alex & Luna (44 votes)
2. Jessica & Kyle (37 votes)

[captions on illustration]
ALEX: ...but...
LUNA (leaning in): You're embarrassed, aren't you?
KYLE: Why'm I stuck with Jessica?! I know there're tons of hot chicks out there just WAITING for me!!
NASH: We're not first!?
MIA: ?
CAPTION ON MIA & NASH: They're in third place, but it's a pretty big gap...

1.Alex & Luna28
2.Kyle & Jessica16
3.Mia & Nash7

1.Kyle & Jessica20
2.Alex & Luna15
3.Mia & Nash4

1.Alex & Luna44
2.Kyle & Jessica37
3.Mia & Nash11

Alex & Luna2815144
Kyle & Jessica1620137
Mia & Nash7411
Ghaleon & Dyne224
Dyne & Althena112
Alex & Nall22
Xenobia & Ghaleon22
Mia & Ghaleon11
Alex's father & mother11
Tempest & Fresca11
Ruby & Nall11
invalid vote33

** Extra responses (some people scribbled extra answers in small print beside their "official" ones, so I tried to collect the more interesting ones here):
- Kyle & me
- Little Gon & Mia

The order's got nothing to do with seme & uke!! [Note: Again, thanks for that necessary bit of info.] The "extra responses" were just additional votes, so I didn't count them in the total.
I also voted for "Kyle & me"... (explodes)
Anyhow, it was overwhelmingly "Alex & Luna" or "Kyle & Jessica"! ::heart:: Hang in there, Nash!!
But, really: "Alex & Nall"... ::sweatdrop:: Did they make some sort of mistake...? ::sweatdrop:: Like, thinking we meant "partners" or "pals"...? ::sweatdrop::
"Ruby & Nall" is kind of against the rules... ::sweatdrop:: I went back and forth over whether or not to include it...
The responses to this question had some interesting pairings; it was fun! ::heart:: Only because the in-game couples are so set in stone...

9. Leave a brief message for the following characters:

A Few Words for Alex

[Alex, quizzically pointing at self: "...HUH?"]

- ...::blush!::
- Say something (LOL).
- You're a real man, you are.
- Honor student.
- You're a little too quiet...but I think you're a nice guy!!
- You really are a pure-hearted boy.
- You'd follow Luna to the ends of the earth.
- You should grow daikons as you grow older! The fields are waiting for you! [Note: This is a reference to a Japanese SSS TV commercial.]
- You taught me how "the love we have for each other is so strong!"
- What the heck happened to Alex's Harp~~!?
- The very model of a fine, upstanding hero: respectful, ready to help, & cool!
- You were a quiet boy, but in the end, you were cool!
- I like how you're so completely straightforward.
- You're so cool! You've got such a strong sense of justice!
- I was touched by your heartfelt emotions.
- Take care of your folks!

Alex got a lot of comments like "you're quiet" or "get a hold of yourself!".
...You're all so hard on Alex... He was solidly in love, and when it came down to it, I thought he was a competent boy...
I thought he really had all the elements of a great guy! I hope to have a guy like that in the future!! (<- lost)
[Note: WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT!??! Alex has no personality. He DOESN'T. TALK.]

A Few Words for Luna

[Luna, smiling: "What is it?"]

- You hold too much back from Alex. You should depend more on him.
- The boat scene was just great.
- I kinda hate you, since you got abducted while you still had my Heal Ring equipped.
- You were the type of person who was easily manipulated by those around you.
- I think you're the luckiest person, in so many ways.
- Make Alex a henpecked husband for me! (explodes)
- You're really cute when you're acting like an older sister.
- I bought this game for you, Luna! ::heart::
- Please, stay with Alex forever.
- Don't lose your heart to Ghaleon!...
- You're the cutest when you're together with Alex.
- Be happy with Alex! ::heart::
- Lead a happy life not as a goddess, but as a human.
- Why do you only have one bromide?
- I just know that in the future you'll be the prettiest girl on Lunar (I mean, you were originally a goddess). Alex is a lucky guy.
- What was with that Dark Songstress outfit (lol)? Does it reflect Ghaleon's tastes...?

Luna does look like she'd make Alex a henpecked husband (LOL).
Alex & Luna make a very nice couple, don't they? They have so much faith in each other and all...

A Few Words for Nash

[Nash, preening cowlick: "Hmph!")

- To think that the boy caught in the box trap would end up being one of the heroes...
- I'll never forget the sad sight of Magic Masher Nash (LOL).
- Suneo. [Note: This is a reference to Doraemon character Suneo Honekawa, whose hairstyle bears a slight resemblance to Nash's.]
- "Ghaleon, by my own hands..." Your expression was so cool when it was filled with determination.
- You're a snob, but you're laughable.
- A high-handed and shy guy.
- Extremely run-of-the-mill
- DO something with that cowlick, peasant! <- In Nash-style voice
- The Magic Weapon.
- I'm not handing over Mia (LOL).
- Your head looks just lovely!
- I like how you were so devoted to Mia!
- What does your hair look like when it gets wet, Nash?
- An idiot, and just the best
- How did you decide on that hairdo?...
- I like you; your feelings for Mia were really heartfelt.

Nash... You ended up as the #1 most-hated character...
C'mon, everyone...he's really pure at heart. Please try to have some understanding. (<- What'm I doing)

A Few Words for Mia

[Mia, beaming expectantly: "Yes?"]

- I like how you're a little thick.
- Who's your father?
- You slapping Nash was the best (Saturn ver.).
- You're a nice, strong-hearted girl.
- You're kind of a stubborn person.
- My Sweet Honey (LOL)
- I want to protect you!
- I'm not handing you over to Nash. You're mine (explodes).
- You're a great airhead comedian!
- DO YOUR BEST rebuilding Vane!
- It's just lovely how you pretend to be stupid.
- Turn your back on Nash~~! (cries)
- Try to realize just a tiny bit how Nash feels about you, OK~? (But it'd be interesting if you never did (lol).)
- Be a great Guildmistress! ::heart:: But I get the feeling you'll be OK.
- She really matures in the second half. It's really, really cool.
- Hurry up and wake up to how Nash feels about you!

[Note: It's noteworthy - and by "noteworthy," I mean "disturbing" - that half the comments here are either a) "you're stupid" or b) "you're my girlfriend."]

Some passionate feelings from the gents! Well, seems like she's got a lot of fans... ::laughs::
She's cute, isn't she. Mia!! ::hearts:: And Gorgon Ghidra was nice, too. ::bitter laugh::

A Few Words for Kyle

[Kyle, looking over his shoulder annoyed: "Huh?"]

- Liked how you dressed up in women's clothing!
- Quit posing at the hot spring.
- You can stop dressing in women's clothing any time now...
- I thought you were a man's man in the battle with stone Mel.
- "Chug, chug, and chug some more," right? I did wonder what was going on at that spring...
- Is your skin dark, or are you just suntanned?
- I wanna go to Nanza~~!
- Gimme a few of your muscles.
- A mountain bandit AND a pirate - you're a pretty busy guy (LOL).
- My darlin' ::heart::. (<- whoa whoa) There's a sexiness in your manliness ::heart::.
- Eeek~~! Kyle! He's so cool--! ::heart:: [Note: This is, of course, part of the backup chorus to the "Kyle is No. 1" image song.]
- Beware of the bathing scene.
- Drunk bandit boss
- You're an exhausting character, but when it comes down to it, you do what you have to - you're a real man's man.
- I wanna see you as a henpecked husband... (sad)
- You're blunt, but you're the type of person who'd make a good friend. (But I can't drink alcohol. So don't pour too much, Kyle!)

Kyle! ::hearts:: I just fell flat to the floor at his "I'll protect you" line. ::heart::
Ohhhhh---I just love him---!! ::hearts::
Everyone seems to give thumbs down to him dressing in women's clothing. ...Wellllll... ::sweatdrops::

A Few Words for Jessica

[Jessica, looking somewhat quizzically but in a rather disinterested manner: "Hm?"]

- It's kinda cool how you scratch at the enemy when you attack without a weapon.
- It's all well & good to go off on an adventure to save your old man Master Mel, but bringing him back a son-in-law is kind of...
- Maybe you should work on your cooking, for Kyle's sake...
- "Father!" You're a good kid! I want a daughter like you.
- It's a real good thing you take after your mother with your looks!...
- Catgirl.
- I love how you bicker with Kyle. It's so cute.
- Ease up on how pigheaded you are, OK? Get along with Mel & Kyle and make them happy! ::heart:: [Note: I hate this person.]
- Are all beastmen as sexy as you? I'm looking forward to seeing you in several years! (LOL)
- Be good! ::heart:: (<-- is murdered)
- I think it's cute how you're not all nice as pie with Kyle.
- You're a girl with real spirit. You look like you'd run roughshod over any man with all that force of character, but you're a proper young lady.
- As I played the game, she was the character who gave me the energy to keep going.
- Her strength of spirit and will is just perfect. That she's cute at the same time makes it even better!!
- I'd like to taste your home cooking, and yet I wouldn't...
- You're a real amazon, but you have a feminine kindness.

[Note: So many of these are creepy. I can see why they ditched this feature in the Eternal Blue survey.]

She seems like a down-to-earth character, doesn't she? She's a tomboy, but she also has a feminine side. In front of Mel, she makes herself very proper and mature, and she's a very nice girl, and I love that! ::hearts::

A Few Words for Ghaleon

(Ghaleon, looking away, barely tolerating this: "......")

- Was Dark Althena's costume your idea?
- Was Dyne really not supposed to save Ghaleon?!
- I love you. (for real)
- Tragedy seems to follow you... (LOL)
- Ghaleon, Lunar's only bishounen... For real...
- What an awkward person you are.
- Everyone is fighting for their own justice. [Note: Did you hit your head and fall under the impression that you're in a samurai movie or something?]
- To die for your beliefs... That's a man's death.
- I wonder why your skin's so pale?... It's a mystery.
- A man who holds himself apart. Hard on himself, and hard on others.
- I fiercely admire you - as a man, and as a person.
- I get the feeling like you're the one who couldn't be saved.
- He's fascinating because he has a story that can't be told in the game.
- I so wanted you to understand the feelings Dyne entrusted to you...
- I just can't talk about him without adding the "-sama."
- You look cool in your armor, too.

You of course have to add the "-sama" with Ghaleon-sama!!
Ghaleon... You were so strong... So strong, it was terrifying...
Akari Funato's Ghaleon is just super-cool!

A Few Words for Other Characters

- You're cute, but it'd sure be nice if you acted a little more quickly to recover me from swoon!
- You looked so cool as a White Dragon!
- I want you as my pet.

- Wonder if you're gonna be like Torneko in the future... (LOL)
- Aren't you really Mr. Shigema? (LOL)
- Go back home!...
- How do you have those bromides!?

- I felt kinda sorry for you!...
- You really had feelings for Ghaleon - it was sad. I wanted you to be happy...

- You're just the best!!

Gorgon Ghidrah
- You're the luckiest enemy character in RPG historyyyy!!

- Adjust your attitude a little, OK?

- You've got a wife at your age?!
- I want a wife like that (explodes).
- Was I the only one who thought he looked like Alex? Huhhh...?

- Can you live with what's happened!? Don't you at least feel sorry for Ghaleon?!
- Nice guy.

Blue Dragon
- I liked your cheerful personality. It wasn't typical for a dragon.

- Who is Mia's father?

A Few Enthusiastic Words for Lunar

- Lunar is the first game where I honestly cried while roleplaying. To put it bluntly, I don't think there's ever been a game this moving. It truly is a game that draws you in more the more you play it.
- "I'm truly glad I was lucky enough to find Lunar." That is the only thing that I can truly say to anyone with confidence. To me, it is the only truth.
- I think it's the love that just flows from this game that draws me in.
- I'll never forget the emotion and sense of fulfillment I felt when I finished this game. It's a masterpiece that makes me think, "I'm glad I played this."
- This game has a real heartfelt quality, a straightforward earnestness and a love, that's not found in any other game. Its atmosphere just naturally moved me as I played.
- The characters are all so vivid; I just love them!
- Thanks for the feelings!
- To me, this story is a real treasure.
- Lunar is everything to me (I've said too much).
- Lunar is the first game that made me cry.
- I recorded not only the movies, but all my favorite scenes!!
- I really liked the game's heartfelt craftsmanship and simple story.
- This is the first game where I've thought, time after time, "I want to play it again; I want to go back to Lunar and adventure with my friends." Its tender emotion will always remain in my heart. It's a true RPG masterpiece.
- It's a masterpiece that I can recommend without hesitation to a great many people. I like the warmth in its story.
- It's a humanitarian game that makes you aware of how all our thoughts and actions add up to create our present.
- It's the type of game that when I start it up, it makes me think, "Ahhh - I'm home."

Lots of people opted to leave messages that were more "heartfelt" than "enthusiastic."
I mean, like - "This is a masterpiece and the only game that will forever remain in my heart!!". (<- my own loose interpretation) [Note: Making fun of your survey respondents is jerky, no matter what disclaimers you put on it. I mean, I can do it, 'cause I'm just the jerk translating, but you solicited these responses.]
You all seem to get a real sense of love from this game called Lunar, don't you? ::heart::
It's kind of rare to get that from playing an RPG.

I wanted to print all the comments, but of course I couldn't, so I picked a representative sample.
Sorry to those whose comments I didn't print...

Translation by R. Capowski,, 6/5/16. Lunar is trademark oh who reads these anyhow.