Supplemental illustrations and scans.

Tsuki no Kokuhaku (Confession of the Moon)

Tsuki no Kokuhaku is an 82-page collection of small manga stories and production sketches drawn by Akari Funato, the mangaka behind Vheen Hikuusen Monogatari. The sketches come from "Tamashii no Kokuhaku" and Younenki no Owari; the manga were drawn relatively early in her career. I should point out that most of this material is available in Funato's PDFs; check the translations on the Vheen Hikuusen page for details.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A 24-pager published in the summer of 1992 and drawn by Miyuki Tachibana and Rinko Sakura. It's composed solely of miscellaneous artwork and sketches - no manga or stories here. (Incidentally, there're many more games covered in Midsummer's artwork - Dragon Quest IV, Romancing Sa Ga, Shining Force, Arcana, and a couple others I can't identify.)

Final Fantasy IV:

Phantasy Star III:

The World of Phantasy Star

I've only scanned the pics pertinent to the BizarroLutz storyline, but there's lots more where this came from. Not a Compendium-caliber trove of pics, mind you, but a goodly number of small, interesting illustrations.

Ultima: The Terror of Exodus

A selection of pics from the manga...

Ultima: Quest of the Avatar

The 7th Saga Vol. 1

The 7th Saga Vol. 2


Mystic Ark Vol. 1

Mystic Ark Vol. 2

Mystic Ark Vol. 3

Word of warning: there are a lot of splash pages in this volume, and the binding on my copy is falling apart, so there's going to be edge blurring on some of these photos.

Final Fantasy IV Prestory Comics from the Final Fantasy IV Perfect Fan Book

This is a combination beginner's strategy guide and compilation of FFIV fan comics that was published as a furoku for Marukatsu Suupaa Famikon magazine at the time of FFIV's initial release. The comics are ehh...

Miscellaneous Lunar


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