Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV Settei Shiryou Hen

A translation of the (thin) FF4 compendium. The best part of this is the hilariously low population estimates for the various countries.

Hironobu Sakaguchi Final Fantasy Knights Interview Translation

Included: lies?

Final Fantasy Knights Character & Monster Popularity Poll Translation

Fan faves from FF1 to 4 circa 1991.

Nobuo Uematsu's Liner Notes for the Final Fantasy IV OSV

Oh, so you think it's easy being the most gifted game music composer on the planet? Think again, my friend - it's nothing more than one hardship after another, having to cope with whiny staff and evil evil EVIL vending machines and not even being allowed to go to a SINGLE MC Hammer concert...*sniff* it's horrible. At least it was in 1991.

Final Fantasy IV OSV Track List

A caveat - this is easily the most insubstantial piece on the site. Explanation in a nutshell - I noticed that the FFIV OSV tracks, like those of Estpolis Biography, had Japanese title names as well as English ones, thought that a translation of said track list would be a nice li'l addition to the site, and went to - only to discover that only about a fifth of the Japanese track titles differed significantly from their English counterparts. *sigh* Oh, well. This ain't called a "junk drawer" for nothin'.

The 7th Saga & Mystic Ark

The 7th Saga Manga Vol. 1 Translation & Vol. 2 Summary

The eternal struggle to see if the protagonist will demonstrate any redeeming qualities.

Mystic Ark Vol. 1, 2, & 3 Manga Translation (Complete)

To access this document, please first solve this chess puzzle, then go talk to cat pirates for five hours.
(Also, warning: This manga took a sudden and dramatic turn into incest subtext in Vol. 3. My apologies to the kind person who previously talked up this translation on Reddit.)

Mystic Ark Manual Translation

I remembered the Word Wrap this time (unlike below). This document also includes translations of the character profiles from the official strategy guide.

Akihiko Mori and Shinji Imada's Liner Notes for the Mystic Ark OST

It doesn't seem like the composer's days were passing quietly at all, actually.

Mystic Ark: Theatre of Illusions (Maboroshi Gekijou) Manual Translation

You know this is an adventure game, not an RPG? Also, if anyone knows how to get the game past the end of the second world in emulation without hanging up, please contact me.

Baten Kaitos

Baten Kaitos: Shinjitsu no Hakai to Yakusoku no Uso Novel Synopsis

The good news: Xelha is now the main character. The bad news: well...

Baten Kaitos Artbook Interview Translaions: Yasuyuke Honne, Hiroya Hatsushiba, et al.

A few opening notes from the producers, then a long interview with the directors. The interviews with the other staff members will be translated soon.

Baten Kaitos Soundtrack Liner Notes

You heard Sakuraba: "Chaotic Dance" loud enough to wake the neighbors.


The Ultima: The Terror of Exodus Manga

The manga adaptation of the Ultima: Exodus NES version of Ultima III. Synopsis, synopsis, let me see..."A space pilot named Genji gets sucked into Sosaria to battle Exodus, Mondain, and Minax, where he encounters the mage Aida, a robot named Bigelow, and a bard named...Lennon." Argh, wrong description! ::crumples paper:: ...Oh......wait a minute...
Update: Carl Tuftson has started a scanlation of the Exodus manga, using Pix's scan of the manga. Good luck with the sound effects, friend.

The Ultima: Quest of the Avatar Manga

It's the story of Christ, if Christ were a level 22 paladin.
Update: Ultima maven Blu3vib3 has completed a painstaking scanlation of this long-out-of-print volume. She's done an exceptional job, and I urge you to take a look.

The Ultima: The Fall of Magincia Manga

In the battle of pirate vs. ninja, it is the shepherd who reigns supreme.
Update: The venerable Blu3vib3 has a posted a partial scanlation here.

Note: I do actually have a copy of the elusive fourth book-length Ultima manga, Schwarzchild's Labyrinth, and I've gotten a quarter of the way through translating it, but...man, it's one nasty piece of work. It's a outer space-based continuation of Seiji Tanaka's Exodus manga, but it's gore gore gore all the way through, and I don't really care for where it takes the characters. Translating it actually actively depresses me. I'll get through it eventually, but it's not going to be anytime soon.
(Also: the zeal with which certain quarters of the Ultima fandom supported the Gamergate harassment campaigns when they were at their peak does not exactly make a woman enthusiastic to work on your projects, friendos.)

Ultima FM Towns Intros

Short plot introductions from the Ultima ports for the Japanese FM Towns computer. Head to Fenyx's channel and search for "FM Towns" if you'd like to see these in action.


The New Legend of Zelda Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Comic Synopsis

All that's missing is an "excuuuuuse me, princess!".
Head to History of Hyrule if you'd like to experience this yourself.

Rudra no Hihou/Treasure of the Rudras Manual Translation

"Long ago... In the days when the earth still dwelled in chaos..." [Note: this document needs to be word-wrapped for easy reading, so you might just want to save this on your computer and read it off-line if you're interested.]

Estpolis Biography Liner Notes Etc.

Estpolis Biography is the OSV (soundtrack) for the games known as Lufia and the Fortress of Doom and Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals in the West. Included in the following HTML document are a track list (both English and Japanese track titles), the Japanese prologue to Estpolis II, basic chara stats and info for Estpolis II, and game designer Masahide Miyata and composer Yasunori Shiono's thoughts on the creation of the score. It almost makes up for the OSV's chintzy packaging.

Hiroki Kikuta's Liner Notes for the Seiken Densetsu 2 OSV

Music is not a message, etc.

Yasunori Mitsuda's Liner Notes for the Chrono Trigger OSV

Translation of the liner notes of the original Chrono Trigger soundtrack (not the Playstation remake's arranged album). Mitsuda talks here about how he came to be a composer and how he believes his craft relates to his life - basic bio stuff, but interesting nonetheless - and I do love his argument as to why composing game music is one of the toughest gigs in the music industry.

Final Fantasy VI Doujinshi "Dan Dan" by T. Tayaka

Another one of the truly junk-drawer pieces (as in "miscellaneous and included for arbitrary reasons", not as in actually being junk), this's just a translation of a FF6 gag doujinshi that I once had but sold. This is only the text; it's not a scanlation.

Final Fantasy VI Doujinshi "Hikuutei" by Chiya Nukui


Final Fantasy VI Doujinshi "Tin Waltz" by Pochi Nekono & Chiya Nukui

And again.