The Phantasy Star Compendium

You all know what this is by now, right? This document is quite old and dearly in need of a facelift.

From the book The World of Phantasy Star:

Selections from SPEC:

Phantasy Star Gaiden Manual

Translation of the manual for the Game Gear PS gaiden.

Phantasy Star Adventure Manual

A li'ler translation of the other Game Gear PS gaiden. Half the text consists of variations on "select the item you'd like to use with the control pad and confirm with the 2 button."

Phantasy Star Plot Twist Retranslation

A retranslation of the major plot-twist scene in Phantasy Star Gaiden; the rom translators changed around the content of the scene because they personally didn't like the original turn of events. In their words: "it's highly naive for young amateurs to assume that anything of artistic value can be crafted by copying a literal translation. Without multiple re-writes and revisions, to a cultured eye, all that literalism produces is a body of amateurish drivel." Not true; stilted translations are more often the result of the translator knowing the words of the language but not the music. (Trust me on this. I speak from experience.) Then again, looking at the landscape several years later, the White Man's Burden school of translation has clearly won, so.

Toyo Ozaki's Phantasy Star III "FAQ"

Orakio and Rulakir tackle an FAQ posted on Phantasy Star III character designer Toyo Ozaki's site and come up with about as many answers as are offered in an average round of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

Phantasy Star III original Japanese script:

Kein/Rhys: translated | Japanese transcript | Escapipe glitch addendum
Ain/Ayn: translated | Japanese transcript
Lein/Nial: translated | Japanese transcript
Shiin/Sean: translated | Japanese transcript
Luin/Aron: translated | Japanese transcript
Fuin/Adan: translated | Japanese transcript
Noin/Crys: translated | Japanese transcript

Weapons, armor, items, techs | monsters | bloviation on name translation choices, past errors, etc.

And that is it for PS3.

Oh, wait. There's also this.

Toyo Ozaki Phantasy Star III Character Book Partial Translation

Hey, do you have alcohol? Maybe you better go get some. No, don't worry. I'll wait. (This translation covers the character & enemy sketches and world-building backstory from pgs. 1-100 of the book; the comics have long been available at the Phantasy Star Cave. Some of the scribbled notes on the character sketches are partially illegible to me, but I...I think there's enough material here to keep you occupied, really.)