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The Asuka DX Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Manga

A translation of the manga adaptation of Eternal Blue Remix. A few changes have been made in the game-comic conversion - read the notes at the start of the translation for details. (Very attractive character art, by the way - if you're a Lucia or Leo fan, I highly recommend this book.)

The Magical School Lunar! Manga, Vol. 1 & 2

A translation of both volumes of Hiroko Touda's retelling of the story of Magical School Lunar - very different from the game! Notes are provided at the beginning for the lost...

Also available out there is Seungtaek Choi's translation (the first ever Lunar manga translation, actually) of Younenki no Owari (Childhood's End), a manga set during the epilogue of Eternal Blue featuring the return of Xenobia, a prototype of Faithia/Phacia, and a strange young girl named Alice whom Hiro and Ruby meet. It's available in the manga's entry in the Books section of the Lunar Goods Archive. With the MSL manga done, all the Lunar manga out there have been fan-translated.

Akari Funato Lunatic Collection .PDF

Translation of a pot-luck .pdf Akari Funato put together containing much of her official, not-for-sale work on the Lunar games - the full-color SD manga series "Lunatic Parade" and "Lunar Carnival"; promo art for the Magic School games; layouts and rough sketches for the bromides Funato designed, including a few scrapped ones; and a good amount of commentary, including some inflammatory but true comments about the EBC cinemas. Information on how to obtain the .pdf is within, should you choose to brave my usually disastrous shopping recommendations that end with the merchant swapping the ISBN numbers or something.

Lunar: The Silver Star World of Lunar & Strategy Guide: "Fundamental Data" & "Lunar Side Stories: The Untold Lunar"

From one of Tokuma Shoten's guidebooks, a short primer on TSS continuity and a look at a few bits of character backstory that didn't make it to the game. Contains a fact about Mel you will never be able to unread.

Megadrive Fan "A Closer Look: Lunar: The Silver Star in Review" Fan Poll Feature:

Poll collecting reader opinions on several aspects of the game shortly after its release as well as Kei Shigema's reactions.

Eternal Blue Fan Book Doujinshi Japanese Lunar 2 Fan Survey:

Published in the 1999 Eternal Blue Fan Book Japanese doujinshi anthology by the GARDEN GARDEN doujin circle. Unscientific, obviously, so don't go quoting this in your "Inventing the de Alkirks: Navigating the Stormy Seas of Interspecies In-Law Relationships" paper or anything.

Selections from the Lunar I & II Artbook:

"The Road to Lunar II" Plot Evolution

From the bottom of pgs. 82-87; a look at how the plot of the Mega-CD Lunar 2 evolved during production into its finished form. This is from where the Harmony team snatched the Dark Star plotline in the Four Heroes prelude. (Also, man, there's a lot of graphic Ruby death in here.)

"30 Questions Concerning Lunar" Answered by Kei Shigema

Pgs. 109-111. As, though, the Lunar I & II book was published for in the Mega-CD era (and is set in that continuity), it could not foresee what would become the most burning Lunar question of all, which is: how could anyone write that scene in Harmony of Silver Star between Ghaleon and Day-Glo Jason Voorhees' Lite-Up Halloween mask and think it was a good idea?

"Lunar The Silver Star: Characters" Section

Pgs. 120-135; the short Lunar 1 section in the back of the book.

"Rong-fa's Days as a Priest Revealed" Short Story

From pg. 112; So I Almost Married an Axe Murderer. What strikes me most in this document is how sorry I feel for Leo.

Doujinshi Text Translations:

Lunar 2 "Little Dragon" Doujinshi by Garden Garden

Short post-Lunar 2 doujin featuring Ruby and Nall. I have an extra copy, if anybody wants to trade.

SSS "Blue Moon Song 2" Doujinshi by Sora no Mori

Short Luhna & Arhes doujin. It's refreshing to have Arhes, not Luhna, as the dazzling love interest who needs protecting.

Bromide-Related Whatnot:

Silver Star Story Bromide Cards

A translation of the backs of the ten cards that were packed in with the special MPEG edition of SSS. Not, of course, that anyone's particularly interested in these for the words...

Lunar Magic School Non-Bromide Cards

A translation of the backs of the five cards that were packed in with the Magical School Lunar game.

Eternal Blue Remix Bromide Location List

Old list of bromide locations from EB Remix from the defunct Japanese fansite LUN@R, back when that info was driving a lot of people up the wall. Stored here for posterity.

Lunar Strolling School Gaiden:

Translation of several chapters of the charming Game Gear Lunar side story about two girls and their adventures at a magic school.


  • Adventure Road - Arata Naru Senshutsu - Hiro's image song from Lunar Songs 1 and the Lunar: Eternal Blue OSV/sampler CD. Subtitle translation - "A New Embarkment".
  • Fairy Rain - Mia's image song from Lunar Songs 1 and Lunatic Festa Vol. 2.
  • Sensitive Dream - a vocal reworking of the Lunar: The Silver Star ending theme from Lunar Songs 1.
  • Eternal Blue: Eien no Omoi - The Japanese version of Eternal Blue's second end credit song ("When I Was Alone" in the Working Designs version). "Eien no Omoi" can mean either "Thoughts of Eternity" or "Eternal Love" in English; the double meaning is probably intentional.
  • LoveLove Funny - Ruby's image song from Lunar Songs 1 and Lunatic Festa 2.
  • Suteki Fantasy - Lunar Magic School's opening song. ("Suteki" means "wondrous" or, simply, "cool.")
  • Les Miserables - Nall's image song from Lunar Songs 1 and Lunatic Festa 3.
  • LUNAR - The complete Japanese version of the TSS opening song from Lunar Songs 1 and that rare Lunar: The Silver Star OSV/sampler CD. Thanks to Janet for the scan!
  • Madou Kidou Heiki Nasch - Nasch's image song from Lunar Songs 2 and Lunatic Festa 4. The title means "Magic Mobile Weapon Nasch".
  • Pretty Girl - Jessica's image song from Lunar Songs 2 and Lunatic Festa 3.
  • Shawaa o Abiro!! - The title means "Hit the Showers!!", and the song was included as an extra in Lunar Songs 2 and Lunatic Festa 2. It was conceived as a potential "Lunar radio theme song" (probably referring to the CD radio dramas). (The song is much in the vein of Here Is Greenwood's "Greenwood Carnival: Thou Shalt Love Thy Daily Life", if you're familiar with that song (what it was for college, "Shawaa o Abiro!!" was meant to be to game developing, I suppose).)
  • Althena's Song - Haruka Naru Tabi - From Lunar Songs 2 and the Lunar: Eternal Blue Prelude CD; the subtitle means "Distant Journey".
  • Okane ga Ichiban - Remiena's [Lemina's] image song from Lunar Songs 2. The title means, appropriately, "Money's the Best".

    If you're looking for "Tsu Ba Sa", "Hikari to Kage no Rondo", "Killy Is No. 1", or "Kaze no Nocturne", translations by Garrett McGowan can be found in the Visitor Support section of Janet Losey's Lunar Goods Archive. If you'd like the liner notes from the Lunar Songs series for those titles (and for "Eternal Blue: Eien no Omoi", which I translated from the Eternal Blue pseudo-soundtrack booklet and not from Lunar Songs 2), look here.

One-Page Tsuki no Kokuhaku Doujinshi:

These were scanned from Lunar mangaka Akari Funato's Tsuki no Kokuhaku doujinshi (further samples of which can be seen at this site's dinky pic page). I'm not sure whether these were officially commissioned or just plain doujin works (contrary to my previous statements, I think the Lunar 2 strips collected in the ""Lunatic Collection" .pdf were her actual first official Lunar works). It's interesting, though, to compare this relatively early style to those of Younenki no Owari and Vheen Hikuusen Monogatari. (It's also amusing to note that the character she seems to have the most trouble drawing is Ghaleon.)
IMPORTANT: These doujinshi are meant to be read from right to left!

  • Ghaleon and Alex
  • Mia and Remilia
  • Mia and Nasch I'm usually more partial to Mia than Nasch, but I really feel sorry for Nasch in this one...
  • Nasch and Ghaleon Personally, I find the little illustrations of Ghaleon in this one funnier than the big punchline joke. (Also, I mistakenly used the Western version of Nasch's name in one of the voice balloons here - sorry.)
  • Alice and Hiro Alice is the heroine of Funato's Younenki no Owari manga.

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