Off the mission statement.


Clock Tower 2 Adventure Novel Helen's Part Complete Translation

Not all of us will see the Twilight of the Gods. But when the time comes, we will know. Know how powerless we are before the might of geitost.

Hifumi Kono Memories of Clock Tower & Clock Tower II Development

Brief recollections from the man behind the franchise, taken from his company's website.

Frank Schubert's Profiling Notes from the Clock Tower 2 Official Guide Book

Pseudo-psychological musings on the game's cast and events from a character created for the guidebook. I thought these would be more revelatory than they are, but they kind of turned out to be a big pile of nothing. Sorry.

Clock Tower: Ghost Head Doujinshi "Benten Kaiki Tankentai" by Funny Sunny & Shou Takimoto

Yuu & Chinatsu go exploring post-game. You can buy this digitally on BOOTH.pm, if you're so inclined.

Clock Tower 20th Anniversary Anthology Fan Survey Translation

Now we all get to learn about "gap moe." Physical copies of the book are available from BOOTH.pm.

Silent Hill 3 Hiroyuki Owaku Logo Design Comments Translation

Taken from this website, featuring HTML so old even I can understand it!

Silent Hill 4: The Room Official Guide Complete Edition Interview Translation

Is there an actual basis for the "SH4 was never originally meant to be a Silent Hill game" conventional wisdom, or it is one of those bits of misinformation that never gets out of circulation, like the whole "Ghaleon didn't know what was going on in TSS" thing? I've never seen any of the staff cop to the idea in interviews, but I'll admit my Silent Hill knowledge is not anywhere near all-encompassing.

Silent Hill 4: The Room "Creator Voices" Website Translation

Silent Hill 4's creatures have "gender, intelligence, and reproductive capability." Please sleep well tonight.
(Also included: definitive word on Silent Hill 4's widely-misunderstood ending requirements.)

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Alterna Novelization Synopsis

In search of a timeline without lousy sequels.

2/11/10 Weekly Famitsu Kotaro Uchikoshi 999 Interview Translation

Sneak preview of select answers: She thinks she's in danger of being upstaged and needs to redirect the spotlight; you weren't even paying attention during the game, were you; the trite answer is "breasts," but she obviously has more than enough reason to be there otherwise, why are you asking this; a joke that flew over the heads of the clueless; I did not need to know that about Snake & Clover, thank you.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Character Design Remarks & Kinu Nishimura Comments

From the Extreme Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors & Good People Die Official Artworks artbook.

4/28/00 Dreamcast Magazine Shinya Nishigaki and Hirokazu Kojima Illbleed Interview Translation

Only this game could be inspired by the creator's desire to kill the attractions that surprised him in a haunted house.


Hand in Killer7 Interviews with Suda 51 & Grasshopper Manufacture

The tale of Killer7 is a neverending battle.

Castlevania: Judgment OST Liner Notes

As a wise man once said: "The judgment is that it's a bad game but holy hell what a great soundtrack."

Spy Fiction Nicklaus Nightwood and Dietrich Troy Backstories

Taken from the Japanese Spy Fiction website; a continuation of a contribution to a big translation project by Wynward. Please note that Dietrich's backstory contains spoilers for the true ending of the game.

Spy Fiction Official Complete Guide Swery & Producer Kuniaka Kakuwa Interview

Well, now we know what Lysander was doing in that junkyard.

Angelique In-Progress Script Translation

A messily-formatted but very, very long translation of most of the script to the first otome game, for the Super Famicom. Other Angelique garbage is here.