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Angelique Super Famicom script translation

This represents all of the text present in the Angelique Message Collection and about 90% of the text of the very first otome game. Now somebody do something with it.

What Is Your Sacrea Type? quiz

Taken from the Angelique Sacrea Fortunetelling book. Heavily reliant on birthdays and blood typing; take it for fun, then read the whole list of Sacrea profiles and see which really suits you best.

Farewell, Labyrinth drama CD summary

From the surprisingly poignant Angelique Radio Drama CD 1. Don't bother with the other two CDs in the series; they're stupid.

Avec Toi pour Jamais: Koi Suru Tenshi Vocal Collection Album song translations in HTML and .txt

The songs are as high-quality as you would expect given the source.

White Dream song translations

Apparently, these songs have already been translated elsewhere to heck and back. Oh, well.

Extra Neo:

Neo Angelique manga epilogue

Published as an extra in Asuka.

Silver Tone song translations

From the Neo Ange CD.

Tasogare no Kishi song translations

From the mini Neo Ange CD. Incidentally, the cover is false advertising; though this and Akatsuki no Tenshi were supposed to feature the first vocal performances from the new characters, Jet and Mathias are absent from the drama tracks despite being on the cover. (Erenfried is present, though.)

"News from Hidamari Manor" doujinshi story

The Unhatched Queen's mind goes across and down.
Neo Angelique: Tenshi no Namida Mai Murasaki Character Design Comments

You couldn't even print this entire booklet in color? Really?

That One Where It's the Bad Guys from That One Game, and They're Fighting Castlevania Dracula:

Kuroki Tsubasa no Moto ni (Beneath Wings of Black) Novel Translation: Books 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

The backstory of Leviath and his nine subordinates that became the basis for Six Knights of Dark Love.

Or, you know what? Just have the whole thing.

(Important disclaimer: Since I linked to this page from my main site, this translation been getting a lot more traffic. I should emphasize that this is a gaiden chronicling the backstories of a group of villains from the franchise. I like it, but it's not representative of the characters or tone of the series and is not a good entry point for Angelique.)

All-New Retour:

Angelique Retour Secret Side Vol. 1 manga translations:

"Oscar's First Love": 1 | 2
"Julious's Young Memories": 1 | 2
"Olivie's Loving Dream": 1 | 2

Backstories for Oscar, Julious, & Olivie for the Retour continuity. These comics were initially released chapter-by-chapter on Sho-Comi's site, free to read for a limited time, hence the piecemeal files instead of one big translation. The collected edition, plus the Angelique Retour Vol. 1 comic, are available to purchase & read online through Amazon Japan; details on doing so are here, since there are a few hoops through which you have to jump if you don't live in Japan.
Note: Part 1 of Oscar's comic features some extraordinarily bad authorial decisions. As in, Oscar is most probably contemplating actions that constitute sexual assault. The man's not my favorite character, but he deserves better writing than that.

Angelique Retour Secret Side Vol. 2:

"Oscar Oscar Oscar Oh and Lumiale's Melancholy Days I Guess": 1 | 2
"Clavis's Last Love": 1 | 2 | 3
"Luva's Everyday": 1

Lumiale's story is a nasty bit of character assassination that literally posits that his powers are weakness and cowardice. I know that Oscar is one of the most popular characters in Japan, and I understand that they'd want to put him front & center at every opportunity to promote the game, but, man, they are scorching the earth to do so.

Miscellaneous MP3 files: Zephel tells a ghost story; Clavis counts sheep; Zephel has a message for you.